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go to hell Robert

2010-06-12 13:47:46 by WahPUNCH

You are an assholes

got a dumb flash i'm working on it, the audio keeps on f***ing up on it. It keeps on auto-playing (won't stop when the flash is finnished playing) thats the only thing i'm working on it...

This is my ass in the morning :3

People screaming on SSB

If I knew what I was watching I would tell you...

welcome to Newgrounds, a world mostly made of idiots... but also talented artists.

if you agree than reply

I've been invited!!

2010-02-05 22:35:26 by WahPUNCH

I've been invited to a manga convention!

WOOT! (Random)

2010-02-01 10:29:19 by WahPUNCH

Till I find a scaner, i'll upload more pictures

whoa! calm down people!

2010-01-30 20:15:32 by WahPUNCH

I just started and I'm already getting hate mail, oh well.
lol, who ever calls me names about the way I draw then you guys need seriously need to come up with something better than "Furfag"

whoa! calm down people!